Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the 2021 Annual Clinical Assembly of Osteopathic Surgeons?
The 2021 Annual Clinical Assembly (ACA) will be held virtually November 2nd through November 5th.

2. How will the 2021 Annual Clinical Assembly be held?
The 2021 ACA will be held virtually. The ACA will kick off on November 2nd with new content and live panels delivered daily through November 5th.

3. Is registration open?
Yes, more information and registration online can be done on our website at

4. Can I register over the phone?
No, you can register online or by fax/mail using the paper form. To request a paper form, please contact [email protected].

5. Can you help me access my account? Or I need to register my doctor, but I do not have his/her username or password.
Please contact ACOS staff at 800 888 1312 or [email protected] for assistance with resetting your password.

6. What is the price?
Registration rates vary based on your membership status and category. If your rate does not appear below, please log-in at  to see your ACA registration rate.  

Registration rates are as follows:

Registration rates include discipline programming, access to poster presentations, the videotaped ACOS conclave reception and digital CME content upon release (early 2022).

Early Bird On/Before July 31

Advance Rate After July 31

Member & Resident Member in Practice - CME Eligible



Resident Member in Training Program - No CME Awarded



Non-Member in Practice - CME Eligible



Non-Member in Training Program - No CME Awarded



Retired Members - No CME Awarded



Members with outstanding dues are ineligible to receive the member discounted registration rate. Please contact ACOS staff at 800 888 1312 or 
[email protected] for assistance.

7. I paid my membership dues, but I am still receiving the non-member price.
Once your dues are paid, our system should recognize your dues as paid and extend you the member registration rate, but dues payments may take up to 1 business day to process. Please email [email protected] if you have questions or continue experiencing problems.

8. What if I am unable to attend the 2021 ACA virtually?
Though the 2021 ACA will launch November 2nd and run through November 5th, all registrants will have full on-demand access to CME-recorded sessions for three years via the ACOS eLearning portal.

9. Have I fulfilled my membership requirement to attend an ACOS conference once every three years? Do I need to attend the 2021 ACA?
If you HAVE attended an ACOS conference within the last three years, then you are not required to attend the 2021 ACA. If you HAVE NOT attended an ACOS conference in 2020 or 2019 then you must attend the 2021 ACA. Put another way, if the last time they attended one of our three major meetings (IDR, Uro Mid-Yr., or ACA) was 2018 or earlier they must attend in 2021.

NOTE: Should you be unable to attend this Fall, then you must submit a petition for an exemption to the member requirement to Sonjya Johnson, [email protected]

10. I already booked a room at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes. What do I do?
Individuals are responsible for cancelling all hotel reservations directly with the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes Hotel at (800) 433-5402 as well as, all other air and travel reservations.  The ACOS will not cancel hotel reservations and does not reimburse members for lost hotel, travel, or other deposits under any circumstance.

11. How many CME are available?
CME credit is commensurate with participation in conference. The maximum credits hours for attending the 2021 ACA are estimated at 30 CME credits. Additionally, information about specific specialties programs and the credits available will be posted on as it becomes available.

12. Will AMA credits be offered at this meeting?
The ACA is pending approval to offer AMA credits. Please email [email protected] for additional information.

13. Can I present a poster at the conference?
Poster submissions were due August 6. We are no longer accepting poster submissions for this year’s ACA. For more information, please visit

14. I submitted a Poster Abstract application, when will I know if it has been accepted?
All Poster Abstracts will be reviewed by the ACA Scientific Research Exhibits and Poster Committee. Applicants will be notified of their application status by Mid-August Please email [email protected] if you have specific questions about your submission.

15. When and where is the Ceremonial Conclave taking place?
The annual in-person Distinguished Fellow induction ceremony will not be held this year. The Board of Governors has granted new Fellows and Distinguished Fellow candidates (2021 and 2020 inductees) three years to participate in an in-person induction ceremony.  In addition, new Fellow and Distinguished Fellow candidates will be allowed to use the FACOS and DFACOS designation prior to their participation in an induction ceremony.  If, however, the Fellow or Distinguished Fellow candidate does not complete the induction ceremony within the next three in-person Conclave ceremonies, the designation will be withdrawn. 

A virtual ceremonial conclave is planned in November, during the virtual ACA.  At this time, we will recognize new 2021 Fellows and Distinguished Fellows for their outstanding achievement.  We will ask you to provide a digital photo to be used in this recognition.

Please stay tuned for further details on the virtual Conclave and Fellow recognition ceremony, and instructions on how to submit your photo to be included in the Fellow recognition ceremony.

16. Can you mail me a copy of the program book?
No. All educational programming will be posted online at as it becomes available.

17. “I am taking my board exams” or “I am proctoring board exams, when should I schedule to be there?”
Please contact the AOBS, American Board of Osteopathic Surgeons, they will have your schedule 800.621.9262 or [email protected]

18. All questions regarding the Board Certification or Re-certification Exams (oral and written exams).
Please contact the AOBS, American Board of Osteopathic Surgeons, they will have your schedule 800.621.9262 or [email protected]