New Life Members Recognized

During the Ceremonial Conclave at the 2015 Annual Clinical Assembly, Scott Blickensderfer, D.O., FACOS recognized new ACOS Life Members for their achievement. Life Membership is granted to members who, in addition to other requirements, have been members of the College for twenty years or more.

ACOS and the Board of Governors extend our congratulations to our new Life Members:

Richard B. Antosek, D.O., FACOS
Laurence H. Belkoff, D.O., FACOS
Elizabeth Rose Benyi, D.O.
Kent James Blanke, D.O., FACOS
Mark S. Boland, D.O., FACOS
Timothy M. Burandt, D.O., FACOS
Stephen D. Cahill, D.O., FACOS
Thomas G. DiPasquale, D.O., FACOS
Theodore W. Duensing, D.O., FACOS
William A. Earman Jr., D.O., FACOS
Larry J. Feinman, D.O., FACOS
Leonard A. Fichter, D.O.
Neil W. Fisher, D.O., FACOS
Glenn A. Griffin, D.O., PA, FACOS
Craig Alan Gudakunst, D.O.
Jill Hazen, D.O., FACOS
James G. Hubert, D.O.
Michael J. Jurenovich, D.O., FACOS
Les M. Landau, D.O., FACOS
Eric M. Lehman, D.O.
Andrew S. Lepoff, D.O.
Enrico A. Marcelli, D.O.
Robert J. Marx, D.O., FACOS
Randall W. Messerly, D.O.
Charles H. Mitchell, D.O.
Albert H. Olivencia-Yurvati, D.O., FACOS, FICS
Douglas B. Paul, D.O., FACOS
Scott D. Perrapato, D.O., FACOS
Frank D. Roam, D.O.
Gary Lee Roth, D.O., FACOS
Steven A. Santanello, D.O.
Michael L. Schorr, D.O., FACOS
Harry W. Simmons, D.O., FACOS
Jeffrey Allen Stanley, D.O., FACOS
Joseph L. Walkiewicz, D.O.
David D. Wartinger, D.O., FACOS
Ronald V. Washak, D.O., FACOS
Perry R. Weiner, D.O., FACOS