OGME Corner

Susan L. Rall, M.Ed

Resident Annual Reports Due June 1st

The end of the 2015 – 2016 training year is rapidly coming to an end.  Residents and program directors are required to submit their year-end reports to the ACOS no-later-than June 30, 2016.


Residents are required to submit the Resident’s Evaluation of the Program electronically between June 1- June 30.
Residents are reminded that the Resident’s Evaluation of the Program must include a narrative of the scholarly activity and completion of attestation statements. If the form is incomplete approval of the resident’s training year will be deferred and the resident may incur a late fee.

Forms submitted after the June 30 deadline will be assessed a $250 late fee. Additional late fees of $250 will accrue annually for outstanding reports and late fees. Review of the residency training of ACOS resident members is performed as a member benefit. Annual dues for Resident Members for the 2015-2016 training year are $180! Non-members are required to pay a $300 processing fee for the review of an annual resident report. Annual resident reports will not be reviewed if outstanding fees have not been paid. All outstanding late and/or non-member fees must be paid in order to receive approval of training and be eligible to sit for the AOA certifying board examinations.

Program Directors

Program directors are required to submit the following Annual Report Forms electronically to the ACOS after June 1st, but no-later-than June 30. Forms which are incomplete or not submitted by the June 30 deadline may cause a delay in a resident’s approval of training or affect the accreditation status of a program. Delay in approval of a resident’s training may affect board eligibility.

Annual Report Documents to be completed by Program Directors and submitted to the ACOS - Due June 30 are:
1. Annual Resident Report Checklist for Program Directors
2. Program Director's Statement of Resident Completion (Graduating Residents ONLY)
3. Program Directors Annual Evaluation of the Program
Annual Report Documents are to be completed by Program Directors and submitted to the ACOS before June 30; copies of the reports must be maintained by the program.  Annual Report documents will be reviewed during the program’s periodic review for continuing approval. 

Documents to be completed and maintained in the resident files at the institution are:
1.    Program Director’s Evaluation of the Resident signed by the resident and program director
2.    Resident Operative Report (OpLog) signed by the resident and the program director
3.    Scholarly Activity documentation

Residents and/or program directors requiring additional information or having questions regarding Annual Reports should contact Susan Rall at (571) 551-2110 or Jessika Brown at (571) 551-2003.