September 2018 OGME Corner

Jessika Brown

RESC Meeting

The Residency Evaluation and Standards Committee (RESC) is passionate and dedicated to its mission in servicing ACOS surgical residents and programs. The committee met on August 24, 2018 to discuss a variety of topics and program actions. Among the discussion was Resident Annual Reports: The 2017-2018 Resident Annual Report results will be made available to trainees in their account mid-September. A copy of the results will be distributed to programs late September. All other action items will be disseminated as soon as possible. Questions or concerns for the committee can be forwarded to

Surgical Educators Seminar

Registration is available online!

Program Directors and surgical teaching faculty are reminded to register for the Surgical Educators Seminar taking place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 in conjunction with the 2018 Annual Clinical Assembly in Atlanta, GA. This annual seminar is designed for anyone involved in the education and training of residents. Hosted by the RESC, the seminar provides a forum for educators to discuss common and emerging issues affecting their training programs. ACOS program and site directors are required to attend this seminar at least once every two years. However, all surgical faculty including coordinators of training programs are encouraged to attend! More information to come.

2019 General Surgery In-Service Exam

The 2019 General Surgery Resident In-Service Examination (RISE) is scheduled to be administered on Saturday, January 12, 2019 from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm EST. The ACOS and the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) are excited to provide a new secure online portal to upload and maintain resident information for the upcoming examination. An email was distributed to each program coordinator detailing the new registration process. The portal will open and registration will begin in mid-September. For the 2019 exam, the examination can also be delivered by personal iPad on the testing date. If your program is interested in using the iPad method please contact

The ACOS General Surgery Resident In-Service Examination is required for all General Surgery Residents in programs not closed with the AOA.

Resident Section Governing Council

The ACOS Resident Section Annual Business meeting will be held Thursday, October 18, 2018 in conjunction with the 2018 Annual Clinical Assembly of Osteopathic Surgeons, in Atlanta, GA. The Resident Section was established to provide a direct mean for resident members to participate in the activities and governance of the ACOS. The Resident Section Officers and ACOS faculty is dedicated to the development of osteopathic surgical residency excellence in education, research and leadership. All ACOS Resident Members are invited to attend this meeting, discuss important topics and participate in the election of the 2018-2019 Resident Section Officers. The current Chair of the Resident Section, Alice Higdon, DO, will lead this meeting.

The ACOS received impressive applications in consideration of the 2018-2019 Resident Section Officer positions.

Meet Your Nominees

2018-2019 Chair-elect Nominees

Farnaz Haji, D.O.                                                                                     Tran Tu Huynh, D.O.
OGME 4 | General Surgery Resident                                                  OGME 5 |General Surgery Resident
Larkin Community Hospital                                                                  St. John's Episcopal Hospital

Jason Levy, D.O. 
OGME 3 | Urological Surgery Resident
Hahnemann University Hospital 

2018-2019 Member-at-Large Nominees

Rachel E. Kaczynski, D.O.                                                                      Abhiram Kondajji, D.O.
OGME 4|General Surgery Resident                                                   OGME 2 |General Surgery Resident
St. John's Episcopal Center                                                                  Cleveland Clinic-South Pointe Hospital

2018-2019 Secretary-Treasurer Nominee

Christinia Colosimo, D.O.
OGME 3 | General Surgery Resident
Sky Ridge Medical Center 

2018-2019 Research Ambassador Nominee
(position to be voted on at the 2018 Resident Section Annual Business meeting)   

Paulette Cutruzzula Dreher, D.O.
OGME 2 | Urological Surgery Resident
Hahnemann University Hospital