New Class of Fellows Inducted at the 2018 Annual Clinical Assembly

November 12, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 19, 2018): American College of Osteopathic Surgeons President, Ray L. Morrison, D.O., FACOS, joined by Secretary-Treasurer, Larry G. Armstrong, D.O., FACOS and Membership Committee Chairperson, Sharon A. Rooney-Gandy, D.O., FACOS, inducted 66 new Fellows during the Ceremonial Conclave at the 201 Annual Clinical Assembly of Osteopathic Surgeons.

Eligibility to receive the Fellow designation is expressly limited to board certified members that have adhered to all professional and ethical standards and consistently demonstrated quality in the practice of surgery and commitment to advancing the osteopathic surgical profession. Conferral is dependent on recommendations and completion of specific professional activities, which often take several years.

We congratulate the following new Fellows:

Nathaniel A. Amor, D.O.
Daniel P. Anderson, D.O.
Stephen P. Bayuk, D.O.
Frederick I. Berg, D.O.
Peter M. Bertin, D.O.
Joseph A. Blaser, D.O.
Zachary W. Brown, D.O.
Julie A. Brownell, D.O.
James P. Buwen, D.O.
Julie Ann Caffrey, D.O.
Marc A. Campbell, D.O.
Thomas J. Cartolano, D.O.
Christian R. Chambers, D.O.
Kellen B. Choi, D.O.
Vu Dinh, D.O.
Ronald J. Dorbish, Jr., D.O.
Brett D. Dunbar, D.O.
Samer M. ElFallal, D.O.
Veronica Ferencz, D.O.
Stephen R. Fleischer, D.O.
Mary E. Freyvogel, D.O.
Charles Robert Hartman, Jr., D.O.
Amy S. Hynek McFarland, D.O.
Karen J. Jacobs, D.O.
Rachel N. Jendro, D.O.
Brandon L. Jenson, D.O.
Jacob D. Johnson, D.O.
Marta S. Johnson-Mitchell, D.O.
Roger W. Jump, III, D.O.
Stacey L. June, D.O.
Benjamin A. Kamp, D.O.
Justin J. Koenig, D.O.
Nina M. Kolbe, D.O.
Sangeetha L. Kolluri, D.O.
Mark Kuzich, D.O.
Ting-Kin J. Leung, D.O.
Leslie Lyness, D.O.
Melissa H. Marks, D.O.
Katherine E. McKenzie, D.O.
Megan M. Merrill, D.O.
Tanya Minasian, D.O.
Seth S. Molloy, D.O.
Thanh V. Nguyen, D.O.
Bipinchandra B. Patel, D.O.
Matthew A. Pieper, D.O.
Asanthi M. Ratnasekera, D.O.
Jay W. Roberts, D.O.
Anthony S. Rossi, D.O.
Aziz A. Sadiq, D.O.
Ashley B. Simpson, D.O.
Andrew C. Skattum, D.O.
Emily L. Solow, D.O.
Christopher G. Stanczyk, D.O.
Joel A. Strehl, D.O.
Kirin K. Syed, D.O.
Karen D. Szymanski, D.O.
Michael P. Verdon, D.O.
Stephen M. Welch, D.O.
Scott R. Wessner, D.O.
Anumeha Kumar Whisenhunt, D.O.
Kristoffer R. Wong, D.O.
Tessa N. Woods, D.O.
Steven S. Yocom, D.O.
Kahyun Yoon-Flannery, D.O.
David S. Zaghlool, D.O.
Ehssan Zare, D.O.

About the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

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