Other Ways to Contribute

Legacy Contributions


Adding a bequest provision to your will or trust for the ACOS Trust Fund will give the gift of learning and support of scientific research for generations to come. Make arrangements through your attorney and/or financial planner today to invest in the future of the profession. 

If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Roberts at 571-551-2004 or broberts@facos.org.

Stock Contributions

Contributing stocks is an exceptional way to contribute to the ACOS Trust Fund while reducing your tax liability.* Simply contact your financial advisor or broker and instruct him/her to transfer shares to the ACOS Trust Fund c/o Vanguard DTC# 0062. Then, finalize the contribution by forwarding your name, contact information, stock name, total shares transferred, stock value at the time of transfer, date of completion and a letter confirming the transaction to Brandon Roberts at broberts@facos.org or by phone at 571-551-2004.