ACOS Resources for Students

Osteopathic medical students are encouraged to get involved with the activities of the ACOS Medical Student Section (ACOS-MSS), through membership, scholarly activities, advocacy, leadership development, professional development and networking opportunities. Realize your potential as a member of the ACOS-MSS.

Resources for Osteopathic Medical Students

JOIN ACOS-MSS– The ACOS is the primary advocate and home to more than 3,200 surgeons and physicians in training and more than 2400 students in colleges of osteopathic medicine throughout the United States.  MSS is the official student section of the ACOS.  Our organization welcomes you. 

Member physicians of the ACOS primarily train and practice in the specialties of Cardiothoracic/Vascular, General, Neurological, Plastic and Reconstructive, and Urological Surgery, with over 100 surgical residency training programs under our purview.

  • ACOS Online Community– The ACOS online community is filled with resources.  Students can apply for membership, register for conferences, apply for scholarships and participate in discussion forums with students from over 30 colleges of osteopathic medicine.
  • Scholarships – ACOS-MSS supports our members through a variety of scholarships. These include travel scholarships to our conferences, poster and podium presentation awards, scholarships recognizing local chapter growth and development, and scholarships in recognition of and to support volunteer efforts. ACOS Members may click here to learn more about ACOS Medical Student Section Scholarships.
  • Mentorship Program– The “Mentor Match” program is a mentoring resource for students to receive guidance from a mentor throughout the year.  Students who participate in the “ACOS-MSS Speed Mentoring” event, held during the Fall ACOS-MSS convention, connect with ACOS surgical program directors and directors of medical education through a quick and fun speed mentoring session.  Through these mentoring programs, students are able to expand their network and learn from the very best in our osteopathic surgical community.
  • Professional Development – ACOS-MSS holds two conferences each year, a Spring and Fall Conference.  The Spring conference is generally held at a college of osteopathic medicine and the Fall conference is held in conjunction with the ACOS Annual Clinical Assembly (ACA) . Attendees of ACOS-MSS’s Fall conference can also attend ACOS educational programs in the specialties of cardiothoracic and general vascular, general, neurological, plastic and reconstructive, proctological, and urological surgery.
  • Scientific Poster Presentations – Students are invited to present outstanding scientific research as a poster during ACOS conferences. Selected students may receive awards of up to $500!
  • General Surgery In-depth Review Seminar Scholarships - Students are eligible for a scholarship to attend the General Surgery In-Depth Review Seminar.

  • Student Doctor of the Month: We want to know who is furthering the values of ACOS-MSS on your campus. Click here to nominate a fellow member or to nominate yourself for Student Doctor of the Month!


ACOS-MSS Scholarships

Poster Scholarship $250

  • Awarded to up to two ACOS-MSS members who:
  • Exemplify outstanding local/national activities
  • Provide a mission statement signifying the desire to become a surgeon
  • Provide a statement describing to plan to promote ACOS-MSS and Osteopathy in the future
  • Demonstrate active national participating OR presents a poster on scientific research conducted while in medical school, preferably surgical related to an ACOS-MSS conference.

Community Service Scholarship $250

  • Awarded to up to two ACOS-MSS members who:
  • Exemplify outstanding local/national activities, preferably related to surgery
  • Demonstrate a commitment towards providing medical care to underserved
  • Provide a statement detailing how they will use the scholarship towards their future efforts. 

Special Interest Sections

Join one of our special interest sections designed for members to meet, network and discuss issues of common interest:

  • Women Surgeons Section – a forum and reception held during the ACOS Fall conference (ACA) for women surgeons to meet, socialize and discuss topics of interest.
  • Military Members Section – a meeting held during the ACOS Fall conference (ACA) to discuss issues and provide guidance to members in uniform.
  • Rural Surgeons Section – a meeting held during the ACOS Fall conference (ACA) for physicians, who practice in rural settings, to network and share ideas on how to successfully manage their surgical practices.