ACOS Inducts New Fellows at the 2014 Annual Clinical Assembly

November 13, 2014

BOSTON (September 19, 2014): American College of Osteopathic Surgeons President, Richard D. Kimmel, D.O., FACOS, lauded forty-three new recipients of the prestigious Fellow designation (FACOS) during the Ceremonial Conclave that took place during the 2014 Annual Clinical Assembly of Osteopathic Surgeons. Only board certified members that have demonstrated consistent quality in the practice of surgery and commitment to advancing the osteopathic surgical profession while strictly adhering to professional and ethical standards are eligible to receive the Fellow designation. Conferral is dependent on the accomplishment of additional professional activities and recommendations that often take several years to acquire. We congratulate our new Fellows: 

Hania B. Bednarski, D.O., FACOS
Alexandra D. Beier, D.O., FACOS
Nathan R. Brought, D.O., FACOS
Michael A. Burchett, D.O., FACOS
John A. Carabello, D.O., FACOS
Robert Carman Jr., D.O., FACOS
Mary K. Carneval, D.O., FACOS
Scott S. Carpenter, D.O., FACOS
John F. Cole, D.O., FACOS
Kyle O. Colle, D.O., FACOS
Matthew C. Dorn, D.O., FACOS
Shivani Duggal, D.O., FACOS
Lee A. Farber, D.O., FACOS
Charles E. Garramone, D.O., FACOS
John J. Homa, D.O., FACOS
Christi L. Hughart, D.O., FACOS
Ralph Z. Kelley, D.O., FACOS
Michael E. Kelly, D.O., FACOS
Jeanne Llenado, D.O., FACOS
John C. Lynam, D.O., FACOS
Carolyn C. Majors, D.O., FACOS
Tyrone J. Miller, D.O., FACOS John T. Morris, D.O., FACOS
Craig Oser, D.O., FACOS
Ripul Rajen Panchal, D.O., FACOS
Stephanie Courson Pothoven, D.O., FACOS
Nathan J. Powell, D.O., FACOS
Joseph A. Racanelli, D.O., FACOS
Andrew H. Rikkers, D.O., FACOS
Kristin M. Ryan, D.O., FACOS
Stephanie L. Sandberg, D.O., FACOS
Robert J. Seledotis, D.O., FACOS
Clint G. Semrau, D.O., FACOS
Michelle M. Sowden, D.O., FACOS
Greg E. Starley, D.O., FACOS
Jared C. Storck, D.O., FACOS
James Michael Sutherland, D.O., FACOS
Shaw M. Tang, D.O., FACOS
Kelly M. Van Fossen, D.O., FACOS
Jamie L. Wagner, D.O., FACOS
Michael I. Weitzen, D.O., FACOS
Karen Woo, D.O., FACOS
Brent A. Zamzow, D.O., FACOS

About the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

The American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS) is the organizational home for osteopathic surgeons. Established in 1926, ACOS is committed to assuring excellence in osteopathic surgical care through education, advocacy, leadership development, and the fostering of professional and personal relationships. We provide valuable resources and education so our members are better equipped to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.